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The Built to Scale Framework will help you focus on the things that truly move your business forward. By thinking about your business as a set of systems that come together to drive real results, not just more busy work. In the Built to Scale Membership, you will work to build the 6 Systems of a Scaling Business in your business:


Visibility Acceleration System

Why: Grow your audience and brand to new audiences.
What: Create a process for consistently getting in front of new people and growing your email list.


Lead Generation System

Why: Turn attention into sales by filling your calendar with sales calls.
What: Create a process for consistently generating leads and sales calls.


Sales Conversion System

Why: Have a guaranteed way to close deals and collect payments from new clients.
What: Create a process for empowering prospects to make a decision and easily purchase your services.


Client Success System

Why: Guarantee that your clients get the results you provide, no matter if you are doing the work yourself or if your team is doing it.
What: Create a step-by-step process for delivering your services and communicating ROI to your clients.


Financial Management System

Why: Experience immediate abundance by making sure your money works for you instead of against you.
What: Create a process for how money is handled in your business and how financial decisions are made.


Business Operations System

Why: Make sure that all of the behind the scenes items are taken care of, making your business run smoothly and headache-free.
What: Create a set of processes that handle the behind-the-scenes items that are essential to your success.

Getting the Foundation Right

Every business needs a solid foundation, and many times this is the reason why entrepreneurs struggle to reach their goals. That's why we also look at the your foundation to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

Meet Craig.

The creator of the Built to Scale Framework, Craig has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you to grow a thriving business, without sacrificing their personal lives.

Your business should support your life, not the other way around. And with the right framework in place, you can finally grow the business of your dreams.

Even if you have tried coaches and courses in the past, the Built to Scale Framework is designed to give you a structured way of thinking about how to grow your business. This will make your Marketing, Sales and Service Delivery more effective and allow you to finally get to the level you've been chasing.

"Craig has given me frameworks for my business so that I can develop the systems I need to remove myself from the day-to-day fulfillment of services and concentrate on the overall growth of my company. I highly recommend Craig and his Built to Scale framework to anyone who is looking to go from a solopreneur to owning an actual business that can grow and become more profitable."

- Jason Croft

"Craig Severinsen is, in a word, brilliant. Anything you want to learn about marketing strategies, he already has the materials prepared and he just points you in the right direction... If you do what Craig says, you WILL grow your business."

- Suzanne Doyle-Ingram

"I've been working with Craig for a little over a year now and my business looks nothing like it did when we started. His coaching address all of the important aspects of running a business that are so challenging to figure out on your own, but are vital for anyone who wants to scale from solopreneur to CEO."

- Becky Jolly

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