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Can I be frank with you? There are no shortcuts to success. I know that the "gurus" like to sell you on the idea that there's some secret hack to overnight success... but really the only shortcut is to simply put in the work.

That's right, the secret to creating a life and business you love is consistent, deliberate action every single month.

(In our community, we call this taking "Fast, Focused, Imperfect Action" - and it's the most direct - aka fastest - pathway to success.)

However, I suppose there is one secret that not everyone knows... hustle only matters when you focus on the right things.

If you want speed in your growth, then you want to make sure you cut out all the fluff and fat and focus your efforts on the things that truly matter in your business. It's like trying to turn on the light when a light bulb is burned out - it doesn't matter how hard you hustle, flipping the switch isn't going to turn on the light.

Instead, change the lightbulb and flip the switch once. That's what it means to focus on the RIGHT things at the RIGHT time in your business.

The challenge is that it's not always easy to stay focused on the essentials, it's easy to get sidetracked and confiused when it comes to growing your business.

That's where the Scale Essentials Newsletter comes in.

Get the ESSENTIAL INFORMATION you need to SCALE YOUR BUSINESS, while also saving you time and money.

Imagine having access to the best information every month to grow your business, and ensure that you are focused on the right things.

With the Scale Essentials Newsletter, you get access to a monthly call and physical report to help you make more money, while also focusing your efforts.

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Here's how it works. At the beginning of each month you get access to the Scale Essentials Call, where we walk you through key elements of your business success.

Each call is divided into three sections:

  • Built To Scale Framework Deep Dive - each month we walk through one of the 9 pieces of the BTS Framework and help you implement that piece more effectively in your business.
  • The Copywriting Corner - each month we go over a tip or technique for making your copy more compelling and your sales efforts more effective.
  • The Marketing Maverick Minute - each month we go over a marketing strategy or tool that is working right now, and walk you through how you can implement this in your business to land more of the right kinds of clients.

After this call, the information is compiled into a report that is printed and sent to your home. To get the absolute most out of this process, most of your fellow members sit down immediately with their physical copy, a highlighter and a notebook.

That way they can read through the content, highlight the most important pieces, and take notes. Then, simply chose one thing from the training you are going to implement this month and take action.

This method will ensure you focus on the RIGHT things at the RIGHT time, while taking deliberate steps forward every single month. This is how you strategically grow your business, without sacrificing your personal life.

The Scale Essentials Newsletter is and exclusive community of high-achieving entrepreneurs. We only open the doors to this program for a few days each year.

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